T’ai Chi & Qigong


Instructors: Murray J. Jewett & Melinda R. Cole

 T’ai Chi is an extraordinary exercise.

It is low impact yet improves cardiovascular conditioning.  T’ai Chi reduces stress and blood pressure, and improves circulation, flexibility, balance, and grace.  T’ai Chi is especially recommended for seniors and people with health concerns.

T’ai Chi is also a QiGong exercise.

QiGong translates as breath energy exercise.  It is specifically directed at improving health, harmony, and vitality. QiGong is also tailored to individual needs, concerns, illnesses and injuries.  It is very effective in aiding rehabilitation of sports and work related stress and injuries.

Murray has been studying T’ai Chi Chuan Yang Family style and QiGong since 1983 with Richard Sebastian and is currently studying with Chris Luth, founder of the Pacific School of T’ai Chi & Chi Kung (QiGong).  Melinda began training in 2001.